standing on the outside, looking in

Here I am on the verge of something potentially life changing really. And all I can think to do is to look to God and ask Him for the right direction, and for Him to guide me. What a cool thing.

As I sat atop a huge mountain looking at a rather spectacular sunset, I was humbled at how much God had changed me, shaped me, moulded me. He’s made me into a child who has learnt that trying to go off on my own and do things my way just doesn’t work, but that looking to God and seeking His direction and purpose for my life is a great thing.

It has been quite awesome, even in just the first few hours of this camp, to have the chance to impart some knowledge and wisdom on these young adults – mainly things that I’ve learnt the hard way myself by making errors and not following God’s way.

It’s so amazing to marvel at what God has waiting for me in my life – in the weeks, months, and years ahead – if I just look to Him and ask Him, “what’s next?”

  1. aleesha’s avatar

    that is very cool!! praying for you dude :)


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