weekend report

What a weekend it has been. Such a good one.

Saturday morning was spent hanging at Mum & Dad’s place helping them get some stuff sorted for my sister’s engagement party at night. Then it was off to hang out with Debbie in Hornsby which was a fun afternoon. We then headed back to Toongabbie to the engagement party, and Debbie got to meet most of my family. Daunting for her, yes, but she did well :) It was actually a pretty big evening with lots of people. But Jenny had a really good night, and it was cool to celebrate hers and Ryan’s engagement.

And today was musical churchiness all day long – bass this morning, and playing multiple keys this evening. Tonight was just a bundle of fun – it’s been quite a few weeks since I’ve played keys at church, and so I was very much looking forward to it. And it was also quite awesome being able to share with people at church the amazing journey that January has been.


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