iPhone thoughts.

The iPhone is a wonderful device.

I tend to sit back and think, “I wonder if I even want one… it’s pretty chunky, and that touchscreen keyboard would take a bit of getting used to.” But then someone else I know gets one, and I have a little play with it, and fall in love with it all over again. They are glorious.

The other thing that played on my mind was thinking how awesome it would be as a work phone. But having no corporate email functionality was a big hinderance – cos I really need to be able to get email away from my desk. But today I stumbled across details of iPhone’s 2.0 software update that’s due in June (don’t know how I missed it before now!)… and it will have support for MS Activesync push email! That is very awesome. Very awesome indeed.

However, it would be hard to get away with using the iPhone as a work phone if Optus ended up┬ábeing┬áthe exclusive carrier…

Now we just have to sit back and wait for Sydney’s Apple Store to be built. I have had a sneaking suspicion for quite a while now that the iPhone will be launched when that store is opened. It kinda makes sense. It would be an awesome party, that’s for sure.

And just have to sit back and find out what device Australia will get; will it be a 3G device with iPhone 2.0 software? Or will it just be the current 2G version?


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