up and down. but mostly up.

I’m polishing off the last two Burritos from Monday night in a very hurried fashion… cos I’m about to collect B2 and head off to Homebush for the finals of theĀ Australian Swimming Championships! There were a bundle of tickets left over at work today, and so I scored a couple. Looking forward to it :)

Today was quite the up and down day though…

There’s a sale that will make or break my month – if it comes through, I will smash my numbers, if it doesn’t, then I will fail quite miserably. Seems silly to put my eggs in one basket, but there’s a long story behind that. The frustrating thing is that the customer has given us the verbal agreement with the deal. But we’re not allowed to close the sale in our system (and thus count towards my numbers for this month) until we have a signed contract. And the earliest that contract will be in our hands is Monday – the 31st; the last day of the month – because of stuff ups with our pricing guys. Very annoying. And it shall be a very nervous wait…

Other crapness was just annoying customers seeming to descend on me all in a 2 hour period in the late morning/early arvo.

But good stuff what happened…

  • Getting tickets to the swimming tonight!
  • Realising I have enough reward points in an incentive program at work to buy a hard-disc recorder!
  • Job type things that were thought about much earlier in the year seem to be making a bit of headway again. And just general people changes at work are quite exciting and will be.
  • Scored myself a new phone – theĀ iMate Ultimate 8502. Came out on Monday. It’s a little beast of a thing – wifi, GPS, HSUPA (7.2Mbps download and 1.9Mbps upload speeds) – definitely the most powerful PDA around at the moment. It’s a bit heavy and big, but I’m enjoying giving it a run.

Onto the second burrito… then it will be time to go.


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