welcome to the weekend

Huzzah that the weekend is here. I’ve been a bit quiet over the last few days…

The last couple of days of work weren’t too bad. Thursday definitely could’ve been better – I was yet again reminded that sales is such a selfish world, and it’s sometimes so hard to be there.

But Friday was Friday – my morning that I thought was going to be very busy turned out to be not-so-bad. And after a great catch up lunch with a friend from Melbourne who came to visit, I was outta there. I headed out to Rouse Hill to pick up Debbie after she’d been away on school camp for 3 days. But as I was nearing Rouse Hill, she messaged me to say the buses were running a little late. So as the light bulb went off in my head, I turned right off Windsor Rd and down into the new Rouse Hill Town Centre shopping centre.

It. Is. Awesome.

The parking alone is so very simple, and I love the little lights above every parking spot so it’s fairly easy to find a free one. But that extends to each row, and as you drive through the carpark, there’s signs above you telling you how many free spots are down that row. So awesome. It would suck when people get used to it, and then they have a blackout – Rouse Hill shoppers wouldn’t know how to park! I went for a quick wander up in the shops, and was excited to find a Coffee Emporium. But the place is definitely massive, and I really want to go back to wander round more.

Anyway, this morning I’m heading off to a 21st for a friend of Debbie’s. A friend I haven’t met yet. So that will be awkward for the first little bit :) But it’s a champagne breakfast… and I’ve never been to a champagne breakfast before. So that will be fun! 


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