introducing Micky…

Please allow me to introduce Micky:



Micky is a 2007 Mini Cooper S. He likes PULP, twisty roads, and long drives by the beach. This photo was taken this afternoon as he sat beside some pretty BMWs in the dealership – but he looked better :)

After what has felt like a very, very long week, I got to collect him this afternoon, and have enjoyed driving it around Sydney this arvo.

Debbie and I are headed out this evening for adventures – amongst other things, we will be going on a night drive through Galston Gorge! I will have to find time to get back out there in the day, or up to the Putty Road to do a nice photo shoot.

  1. howie’s avatar

    now that i’m about to flee the country i can tell you i like the commodore better, and that i dont really like mini’s at all.

    but dont worry i wont judge you.

  2. chrissie’s avatar

    hey micky you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind….hey micky *clap clap clap* hey micky!


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