stuff about the weekend, and yesterday, and today.

What a fun weekend that was. Lots of driving and doing things.

Saturday night was bassing with the women of Toonie Bapts. Steve, Dave and I made guest appearences at their Women’s ministry night helping out in various ways. They’re always very awesome nights, and many of the guys who’ve been along to help wish they could go all the time. And as a bonus, Ellie played some songs in the background as people were arriving for about 20 mins, which was quite cool to just sit and listen to. The boys’ plan of ducking out to Gloria Jeans to get a coffee during the evening was thwarted when GJs was shut. Disappointing.

Sunday was a pretty tops day of relaxing after not feeling so wonderful at the start of the day. A quiet drive up the Putty Rd was in order though, and photos were taken. It’s such a lovely piece of road. I do want to keep going all the way up to Singleton one time soon, and then across to Newcastle, and then back down along the Old Pacific Hwy. Other roads still to drive include the Royal National Park and Sea Cliff Bridge, and also the Old Northern Rd up to Wisemen’s Ferry. Going up into Watagans would be fun too. Ahh so many nice roads in NSW.

I led at church on Sunday evening, and am a bit disappointed in the effort/prep I put in, but thankfully God still used us in the service, which is always exciting to see. And it just made me more aware of the effort I should be putting in. It was acoustic stylings on Sunday evening though – we were drummer-less. But surprisingly, that didn’t bother me much. And an acoustic sesh was actually quite fun. I enjoyed playing with those guys, and the songs really worked. Guess God had it planned all along.

And lastly… fun times last night hanging out with Sam and his lovely Canadian girlfriend, Jenn. It was frustrating getting home from work – clearly I didn’t learn from last week that leaving right on 5pm is a bad, bad thing. And then I was even stupider and thought I’d give Epping Rd a go! But finally at 6:30 I arrived in Thornleigh and cooked some dinner, and we all had a fun time. And even went for an excursion around the block in Micky.

I’m enjoying work being a little bit quiet. Hopefully my new friend will have her computer up and running tomorrow and I’ll be able to start getting her to liase with some of the customers, and can do even less! It’ll be like a mini holiday before I start my new role. Right now, I need to go fetch some coffee and some cookies for a friend who is having an uber crap day.


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