what a sunday.

Wow, that was an intense weekend! So intense that I’m home from work today cos I’m utterly exhausted (but have a sore throat too). It will probably only be topped by a weekend about 6 months away :)

Saturday was just amazing, as you’ve already read. But then Sunday was more stressful in some ways! It was wonderful to be able to see both our families and have them be so excited for us. But lots of thinking, and telling the story a lot meant that by Sunday evening, I was very drained :)

I headed to Debbie’s place, and Jen & Howie came for a visit. Howie made sure we knew he thought it was yuck :) We chatted about wedding dates briefly, and Debbie’s mum kinda wanted to then go into reception plans too… but there was no way we were ready to start talking about that yet. We watched a movie before heading back to Toonie to hang out with the Three Tops Toonie Chicks for coffee at GJs. It was a great time seeing them and celebrating with them too. Then it was off to visit my parents and enjoy the excitement one more time. We chatted about dates too, and it was good to be able to leave there with the 27th December pretty much locked in.

Then it was time to head back to Thornleigh for church… and psyching ourselves up for being excited still, even though our energy levels were starting to drop. :) Debbie’s pastor was very lovely and, as slightly embarrassing as it was, got us up on the stage and prayed for us during the service. And then we got to share with all her/our friends after the service was over… many fun reactions, and it really was a very good evening.

Finally, a patient Sammy dragged us away and we headed off to Pennant Hills to have some very yummy pizza, and have some really good quality time hanging out with a guy who’s pretty special to both Debbie and I. It’s been awesome to get to know Sam – he and Debbie have been friends for ages, and so for he and I to get on so well and become such great mates so quickly has been really awesome.

And then the day was done. It was time to head home and sleep. Sleep a deep, deep sleep.


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