“work” this week

Going into work on Monday was going to set the tone for the week – whether or not there would be much to do. And there was very little. Barely anyone was in the office. The few of us had a wander down to one of the few open cafes and had a coffee together, and then I got stuck into my list of things to do – most of which had very little to do with work!

I had to confirm flights and hotel, get some money exchanged, get new tyres on the car, get a haircut… and I got them all done. I had a very fruitful day.

Today was going to be similar – head into work for a while and then get a few things done in the arvo. But the Howies needed a lift home from the hospital, which was cool. But in the end, the discharge took quite a while longer than either of them would’ve liked, I think! But it was fun hanging out with them for a few hours. And so now I’m back home, and everyone in Parra has probably already gone home… so no office for me today.

And then this arvo will be taking my parents’ trailer to the tip to empty it so that I can borrow it to move some of Deb’s furniture on Thursday! I am a busy boy this week. :)


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