2008 into 2009

Everyone else seems to be doing some reminiscing as 2009 begins… I started writing a big post thinking about each month, and linking to some posts throughout the year… but after doing it for January and then trying to start February, I decided it was too hard :)

But 2008 will easily go down as one of the most memorable of my life. Let me list why:

  • Met and started going out with Debbie
  • Had 3 weeks off work in a row (longest since I started working full time), and did two Kedrons in a month
  • Proposed to Debbie and began planning our wedding
  • Worked out that God had decided it was time for me to leave Toongabbie Baptist Church after 9 years
  • Realised it was time to leave the House of Bach after 2 and a half years living there
  • Moved away from Toongabbie for the first time in nearly 20 years, and moved into Normanhurst
  • Had my last night as a member of Toongabbie Bapts, and became a part of Thornleigh Community Baptist Church
  • Became an uncle… sort of :)

So there you go… many, many huge things happened for me last year. But this year is going to be equally amazing as I begin it by getting married and beginning the journey of being a husband. I’m looking forward to what God has planned for us in ’09!

And this will most likely be the last post before I get back from my honeymoon. To all my friends who will be there on Saturday, looking forward to seeing you all!

See you on the other side… when I’ll be a husband!

  1. Kev’s avatar

    Congrats on the wedding, and happy belated New Year! I’ll try to visit my faraway blogger buddies’ sites more in ’09…


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