I would not make a good removalist dude

Aside from the fact that I’m not overly strong, and also that I’m not built like a brick house, I just don’t overly enjoy heavy lifting at all… let alone in near 40 degree heat. I’m pretty sure that I lost a good deal of weight in the process of moving stuff with Greg (Debbie’s dad).

We cleaned out their storage shed at Kennards. There was a big wall unit from Debbie’s grandparents that was to come to our place, but there was a couple of cupboards to go to Debbie’s parents’ garage. And so like a good son-in-law, I helped out with all that moving too. But that was pretty much the last thing to be moved into our house – everything is here now, and it’s just a matter of finding spots for all the masses of wedding presents that our amazingly generous family and friends gave us :)

And God bless a good southerly. Our house is pretty nicely insulated – it keeps the heat out for quite a while. But at around 3-4pm after a scorcher, the heat hasĀ seepedĀ into the house, making it fairly hot. And then, of course, because double-brick is a great insulator, the heat just stays in the house. But having all the windows opened tonight before we went to the in-laws for dinner meant that the house is beautifully cool tonight. Our room is so cold in fact that we may almost need a doona. Yep, God’s southerly is something I will praise Him for with a massive smile on my face :)

In other news, Jamberoo was awesome fun, as was hanging with Lach and Sam all day – they are tops guys. Debbie’s MacBook had some nasty cracks appearing in the case (seemingly a common problem with those white plastics used in that gen of MacBooks and the white iPhones too)… but a visit to the Apple Store in Chatswood saw the guy very willingly take it in to replace the bottom case under warranty, without a fight at all! And tomorrow is heading into the Sheraton on the Park for Gower family lunch. I love the Sheraton – so much awesome food. I’ll have to pace myself.

  1. Rob’s avatar

    I miss the feeling of the southerly change :( The refreshingly cool air…. :)

    Todays weather is fog, followed by rain, and if we are lucky some snow on the weekend.


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