Married, and back in Sydney

Finally got around to getting back on to blogging.

Our wedding was awesome – it was a big blur, but it was a heap of fun. And Fiji was incredible as well – so relaxing, so humid, so expensive. Well, sort of expensive – things were basically the same cost as $AU, and the exchange rate was pretty much 1:1. But then you go into a resort where there’s no restaurants outside or around the resort, and all the food inside is very expensive! But it was very nice.

The resort was pretty awesome all round… very luxurious and relaxing. There was plenty to do, and heaps of Fiji culture too, which made it great.┬áIt tended to rain for about an hour each afternoon, but from what I understand, that’s pretty normal. Thursday then poured absolutely all day. Didn’t think much of it, and found other things to do in the resort that day, which was our last full day there.

We headed up to reception very early on Friday morning to get our bus to the airport. But were told that we weren’t going anywhere – the roads to the airport were flooded after all the rain. Friday morning was spent in a bit of a stress trying to organise flights… but by lunchtime it all seemed sorted for Saturday morning: helicopter flight to the airport; get on a waiting list for the 9am flight (cos it was full) hoping that someone else wouldn’t show up; getting to Sydney by 12:30 for James & Deby’s wedding at 2pm. Easy!

That was the theory.

The helicopter didn’t show up at 6am like it was supposed to – the winds were too high apparently. Then a bus showed up to take some other people. The driver reckoned he could get through the floodwaters, and we were all a bit sceptical about that. But he called a driver who’d left another hotel a few hours earlier and confirmed with him that he was at the airport. So after convincing him to take us too, we decided to take a risk on the bus.

And it paid off – we made it to the airport, and headed for the check-in desk. I explained why we didn’t make our flight yesterday and that we’d love to be able to get on this flight if people don’t show up. He very efficiently put all our details in the system and said we’d probably have to wait another 15 minutes until he might be able to allocate us seats. It turned out to be about half an hour, but during that time, I asked how many seats were left; he said 55. On a 400 seat plane, and with no one else coming to the check-in counters… I liked those odds.

We got our seats, very excitedly, and headed for the boarding gate lounges. But the plane was then delayed about 2 hours. It boarded at about 11, and finally took off about 11:30 or so. But that put James & Deby’s wedding ceremony well beyond reach, and even making the reception was going to be tight. But after landing, getting our bags, getting through customs and then picking up Micky, we were on our way home just before 4:30.

And we made the reception – got home at 5 to get washed up and changed, picked up the Howies, and then headed for the Berowra Waters ferry, where we ended up crossing the waters on the same ferry as the newly married couple :) And despite the tiredness that kicked in about halfway through the night, it was great to see everyone and celebrate with our Pennant Hills Rd buddies!

And so now we are in our second week of honeymooning. Not doing a whole lot… just hanging at home and relaxing. And putting away and to use the masses of wedding presents (we have some amazingly generous friends – we are still getting over it). Tomorrow, we’re heading down to Jamberoo with Sam and Lachie, which should be a heap of fun – I get to drive the Royal National Park road in Micky!


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