a week out of the office

Usually I would be very much enjoying weeks like this: something different on everyday, out of the office nearly everyday… it’s great.

Monday: had a 4 hour session at Blackberry HQ in Nth Sydney learning about their new Blackberry Server v5.0. Fantastic new features, especially the ability to install two servers (one a redundancy) from the one licence key! And then I finished the day working from home because it was already about 2pm.

Today: all day in at the Hilton in the city working with all the account managers in the sector I work in. They’re having a day of planning for the next 6 months and working sales strategies. And being the technical guys that work with them each and every day, the four of us are tagging along too.

Wednesday: was going to be pretty normal, but one of our newer dealers seemingly wants to sweet talk us technical guys (to get us to utilise them for bigger mobile and data deals)… and so they’re taking us out to Wildfire down at The Rocks. Yep, definitely looking forward to that.

Thursday:¬†coincidentally, my direct manager (who looks after all the technical sales people in Sydney) wanted to have a planning day this week too, and for us to work through some new technologies and products, and just some vision for the rest of the fin year. So that’s all day Thursday.

Friday: well, I think Friday might actually be free. It might be the first time I get back to the office this week.

So usually, a week like that would be just about the best week I could have at work. And I am pretty happy about it all. It’s just that after January being one of the crappest sales months in ages, I’m chasing sales to try and get back on the way to making the yearly target. And February still isn’t fantastic yet. But hopefully that will change in the next 10 days.


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