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I like having multiple loved coffee shops all over Sydney. I already have favourites in the City (Velluto Nero¬†and Supreme Grind) and in Parramatta too (The Coffee Emporium and Danes [aka Espresso Bar 101]). And since moving to Normanhurst, I’ve discovered the glorious cluster of coffee spots in Wahroonga village – 3 separate cafes selling Danes, Campos and Toby’s Estate coffee all within 10m of each other!

And then I was reading a coffee magazine at the aforementioned Danes in Parramatta on Monday, and they talked about the best coffee in Sydney being at Mecca Espresso. I found this interesting – I still maintain that the best coffee I’ve tasted comes from Velluto Nero. But their description of the cafe had me very interested – they’re very “experimental” with both their coffee beans coming from many regions in the world, and even their brewing methods.

I tried just a standard latte from them – nothing “experimental” – and I liked what I tasted. Similar to Velluto Nero as far as the intensity goes – very, very rich and strong, and yet not the slightest hint of bitterness. A very well made coffee; not even thinking about the beans they used. And the taste was nice… it had an almost citrusy flavour to it!

I love coffee.

  1. samuel’s avatar

    good coffee doesn’t exist in this massive continent. you would think that a country that is frozen 3 months a year would be able to make a decent java, but alas. Man when i get home you are on for a serious amount of coffee consumption with me

  2. James’s avatar

    As if I’m going to say no to that.


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