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So Telstra has increased the speed of its mobile network – 21Mbps is the new peak speed, with 42Mbps still looking likely for end of ’09.

Whether it be jealously or some other reason, Optus has come out and had a bit of a go at trying to slam Telstra. I say “a bit” because they didn’t try very hard… they used some pretty weak arguments:

“The fact is customers will need to buy a new modem and live/work beneath a base station to take advantage of these ‘theoretical’ speeds.”

So how about Optus’ expansion of their 3G network into country areas that works on a new frequency – do customers need a new handset to take advantage of that coverage and high speed on the 900Mhz frequency? Hmmm.

“This is another example of Telstra misleading Australian businesses and consumers into thinking they will now experience speeds of 21Mbps across the whole Next G network.”

And how’s Optus’ 3.6Mbps 3G network going for its customers – are they experiencing 3.6Mbps download speeds when they use it?¬†How about your ADSL2+ connection at home – are you seeing 20Mbps when you use that? Hmmm.

“Telstra is already charging $59.95 per month for 1GB of data which is way above the rest of the market (Optus offers 6GB for $59.99). We shudder to think what additional premium they will charge customers to access ‘theoretical’ speeds of 21Mbps.”

I will just double check my sales figures… but I’m pretty sure I have customers purchasing Telstra Mobile Broadband devices from me on a daily basis. They are very well aware that Optus, Voda and Three’s data cards are cheaper. But they choose Telstra because of the speed, coverage and reliability – sometimes, things like that are more important than price. The quality tends to be fairly visible in the price.

So thanks for your comments,¬†Andrew Buay, but you should probably just focus on looking after your fibre optics up north. Wouldn’t want someone to accidentally trip over the extension cord and send QLD offline yet again.


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