those noobs are awesome babysitters

I just opened the cupboard to get my coffee plunger out, and my packet of Dane’s coffee for a few cups of yummy coffee this morning… and in the heat, the sticky tape that was keeping it sealed shut had come off and air had been getting to it for goodness knows how long.

I still made a plunger up… but sure enough – bleh. I know I shouldn’t keep coffee for more than a week anyway… but it was ok last week. This week, not so. I just don’t drink coffee enough at home!

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty tops day, and we avoided the heat pretty successfully for most of the day. We met JennyHowie and Tom in at Rhodes, and they left Oscar with Debbie while I ran them across to the Acer Arena for their Top Gear Live show. I headed back to Rhodes and Debbie & I got to play happy families with Oscar. He did good at the start – he was whingy, but managed to fall asleep after only about 20 minutes. Very excitedly, we sat down to have some lunch in the food court, wondering if this is how easy it would be for the next two hours.

We were wrong.

He woke up about 10 minutes later. Frustrating. And then he proceeded to cry and whinge and be very loud for the next hour or so. He needed a nappy change, but that didn’t stop him being so upset. Eventually, we thought we’d try the bottle that Jenny had supplied to see if he’d drink it (he’d never wanted to before now). Debbie was awesome though, and got him to drink and settle just as I had to leave to go and collect mum & dad… very exciting!

And when we got back, we found that Debbie had not only got him to drink 3/4 of the bottle, but had put him to sleep as well! Top quality babysitter, she is.

But that was the end of the air-con’d Rhodes, and it was time to head back home. The house was hot, but it got better as the night went on. Just wondering how bad today is going to be…

  1. Kate’s avatar

    You need some bag snap closey thingys from IKEA!

  2. James’s avatar

    Yeeaahhh… they would be awesome!


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