buying a house + end of month = crazy

So it’s been a huge few days. And now, Wednesday evening, I’m feeling shattered.

We got a bunch of info from our mortgage guy on Monday morning, and then spent Monday night working it all out, doing sums, and realising that we were gonna be able to afford this thing, and sent all the info back that he needed. And then the cool thing was that at about 9:30am on Tuesday, he emailed us back saying that the bank had basically automatically approved our loan cos of our pay and savings. Very cool!

So we put an offer straight on a house that we loved. It got knocked back, and I reckon the real estate agent might be playing with me a little – she told us about another offer that they were considering, and this offer was a bit higher than we wanted to go. But we put another offer in anyway, lower than the offer they were supposedly considering, but still within our budget. So we’ll just wait and see how real this other offer is.

This is going to be a long game. As a salesperson, I’m loving this bit. As James Noble, Mr Impatient, I’m hating this bit.

Then on top of that, I’m having a pretty awesome month at work, and so many really decent sized IP networks are close to signing for a bunch of customers. So I am just insanely busy with adjusting contracts, and repricing links and bandwidths and such… at one point this evening, I was doing some repricing for a customer, and I totally priced up the completely wrong network cos I had another customer’s network in my head! But it’s all great stuff… all my efforts in previous month to get the account managers to find these opportunities is really paying off. And I reckon I’m well on the way to a head start for April… and hopefully May as well.


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