the housing soap opera – latest episode

So that whole housing thing has decided to move along at warp speed again after slowing down a bit last week.

Where we left off in the last episode: After some back and forth offers and rejections, our final offer was still $15k too short of what they wanted, and that $15k gap was too much for us. So we made the decision to walk away. Beautiful house though it was, we knew there’d be something else out there for us. And that’s where this week’s episode begins…

Yesterday morning, I get a voicemail from the real estate of the property we were keen on, asking me to call her. No details, just call please. So with a free second in the early afternoon in an insanely busy day yesterday, I give Amy a call back. She let me know that after the vendors had found a place they liked and crunched some numbers, they’d worked out they could let the property go for only $5k more than our latest offer. [The waiting game had worked! And quicker than I'd thought!!] I let her know that I’d have to talk to Debbie, and that I’d call her back.

After waiting the next two hours (which felt like an eternity) for Debbie to be done with teaching, check her phone and call me, we thought through some numbers and realised an extra $5k wasn’t too hard for us to do, and so we were very excited that we could ring back and accept their price!

But it’s not over yet. It’s still very nervy. We’re still waiting on ANZ to get back to us with formal pre-approval (ie, someone actually picking up the papers and verifying that everything is a-ok; as opposed to the computer spitting back a response saying that we’re all good). And until that happens, we can’t exchange contracts, or leave a deposit. I’m patiently waiting for our solicitor to call me back to hopefully offer some advice on how we can secure this a bit more. You know, so that I’m not going to be poo-ing my pants with nerves for the next 10 days.

Here’s a picture of [fingers crossed] our soon-to-be new house! Thank you Mr Hooker.


[Thank you too, Mr Hooker, for the image.]

  1. Rob’s avatar

    Mate where is that? Looks nice, although slightly in the sticks?


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