beginning of month

It’s always a bit depressing when you begin a month in sales. Especially when that beginning of the month is mid-week. You see, When I came home from work yesterday evening, I was on 178% of my sales target, and was all smiles! And then when I walked into the office this morning, I was on zero.

But you can quickly get over that depressing bit, and just enjoy the fact that you can kinda choose to just sit back and not do a lot. Today, after our tech sales meeting in the morning, I went up to level 9 of our building which is practically empty. I found myself a desk in the corner of the floor that looks out a window and just enjoyed sitting in a very, very quiet section of our offices. And I then proceeded to distract myself from most forms of work for the afternoon.

And tomorrow, being day 2 of the new month, is still a bit quiet. I have to go and visit a customer in the morning out in North Sydney to start planning all the details (IP addressing and such) of their new network that we signed them for last week. But after that, I’m gonna go visit a new Telstra Business Centre down in Liverpool that’s just opened up, and where some old Telstra friends are working. That will be fun. But aside from that… I don’t think tomorrow will hold a lot.

I worked damn hard last month. I’m enjoying these couple of days :)

  1. delly’s avatar

    ohhhhh when can i come back?!!? if you guys will have me!


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