best birthday weekend ever

If Cold Chisel were reuniting to play a gig, and Living End, The Presets, Grinspoon and Sneaky Sound System were supporting, I would be calling up B2, and we would be there without any hesitation. Anything and everything would be cancelled in order for me to be there.

And if the V8 Supercars were going to be doing a street race around the wonderful Homebush preceinct, I would also be calling up B2 and making sure nothing got in the way of us spending 12 hours a day for 3 days lapping it all up.

Luckily for me, both events do exist. Even better, both are one and the same event… and I already have my 3 day ticket! And it’s my birthday weekend to boot!

The V8 tickets went on sale a few months ago, and we were quick to get ourselves a 3 day grandstand ticket. We knew there’d be other entertainment on during the weekend, but going by previous V8 races like this, we didn’t expect it to be all that awesome.

And then last night, I happened to be cruising through the TV channels just after 6:30pm, and stopped when I came across Matt White interviewing Cold Chisel. As the interview went on, I suddenly realised what was occuring and almost couldn’t believe it. And to top that off with Living End and The Presets is going to be just amazing.

As a side note, someone commented on Twitter that the V8 event at Homebush was such a bogan event. And I quipped back with something like, “perhaps, but it’s still awesome and I can’t wait! And Cold Chisel are going to be playing there!” And then I realised that Cold Chisel playing at a V8 Supercar race possibly makes it the most bogan Saturday in Sydney. Ever.

  1. MellyMel’s avatar

    Hahahaha totally! But I’d put a flanno on if I had to so I could go! :)


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