hazard reducing

In the recent weekends, the Rural Fire Service have been doing quite a bit of hazard reduction around our area.

This weekend, there was quite a bit of work up in the Crosslands and Galston area. And the wind was blowing in just the right direction to cover Hornsby and Wahroonga this morning as I headed up to Hornsby to get my haircut. But it wasn’t too bad at home.

But we headed round to Cathy & Grant’s place in Normanhurst for lunch this arvo, and the smoke got quite thick as the arvo wore on, and ash started falling too. I certainly wasn’t enjoying it – and Howie enjoyed bagging me out about it too. And now back at home, the smoke has blanketed Westleigh pretty badly too. I think it’s even seeped into the clothes that have been out on the line.

This is mostly a new experience for me. Living in Toongabbie for the majority of my life was awesome, but it was never near any bush. So bushfire smoke and ash was few and far between. And while I adore living here now and being so close to bush, I’m definitely not enjoying the smoke that comes with it.

I just hope all this hazard reduction means that there won’t be any fires near our house – that would be worse.

  1. The Dragon’s avatar

    I thought you might have had your hair cut by Debbie today, in the Jen-style! (the smoke was think over Homebush tonight too, more than here!)


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