new music month

Hanging out for the next few weeks:

  • The Basics’ new album, Keep Your Friends Close, is due to be released on September 28, according to JB Hifi… but nowhere else seems to have confirmed this yet. But after seeing them live recently, I’m excited to hear these new songs.
  • Paramore’s new album, brand new eyes, should be out that same weekend as well. I loved Riot! and love their new single too, so I’m hoping this album will be tops too.
  • And then Relient K are releasing a new album on 6th October! Forget And Not Slow Down has actually arrived only about a year after their last release. Their last one was this awesome fusion of country and punk, and their new one should be great by the sounds of the title track.

Then sometime in November, Switchfoot are releasing new music too. And lots of people are talking up the sound of this new album, Hello Hurricane.

  1. Tamara’s avatar

    YAY for the basics!!

  2. Joe’s avatar

    the Basics album has been getting insanely high rotation at our place the last couple of weeks… it’s very good… well worth looking forward to :)


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