I wrote a post a month or so back about my thoughts on what church is, and what I’m thinking about how it can be done differently… lots of thoughts still going on in my head.

But toward the end, I wrote a bit about Soma Church, a new church starting up in the Ryde area of Sydney that has similar ideas to what’s in my head – they love Jesus and think he’s the best thing to happen to this world, and church is cool, but they realise that “church” isn’t for everyone… so they’re trying to mix that up. It’s gonna be an awesome journey for them.

Like I wrote, I’m not feeling led to go and join them. But I am very, very keen to watch what goes on, and see how I can be inspired within my community in and around Thornleigh. And I’m also very much looking forward to seeing how two guys with computers and a guitar make the music – very different to what you would normally expect in “church”. You should check out an insight into a recent rehearsal of theirs.

Anyway, they’ve finally secured themselves a venue in the Macquarie Centre for a Sunday arvo. It all kicks off on the 20th September at 3pm. Check out their website to see what they’re on about, and if you’re up for it, come and check it out. I certainly can’t wait for it. :)

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    I listened to the rehersal track and it sounded just like a Hillsong worship song so I’m not sure how it is different. I too am interseted to see how this church emerges and forms


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