Christmas adventures ’09

Christmas ’09 up here in Hervey Bay has been and gone.

We drove up here on the 23rd and 24th – long drive, but it wasn’t too bad. We were on the F3 by about 7:15 and heading north. We made it to Old Bar to visit Debbie’s grandma by about 10:15 and had some morning tea with her, and then it was time to keep driving. I was really happy with the time we were making… until we hit Kempsey. About 2km out of Kempsey, the traffic just stopped. And for about half an hour, we crawled into and then through Kempsey. Very annoying. But after that, there weren’t really any other hiccups.¬†We got into Tweed Heads at about 6:30 and checked into the City Lights motel. Nice place, and the right price. After unloading and sitting down for a minute, it was off to the South Tweed bowlo for some dinner. It was a pretty decent place, and the meal was fine. It had a nice view looking over the river that Tweed Heads sits on.

We started the final leg about 8am the next morning, and a few minutes up the road as we hit Qld, it was 7am… so we were already ahead! Thankfully, getting along the freeways through the Gold Coast and Brisbane was smooth. As we neared the exit for Eumundi and Noosa, I felt a little nostalgic, and enjoyed remembering times in the late 80s / early 90s when we had holidays in Noosa. And so I exited for Eumundi for a little reviver break, and to hopefully find some coffee. And happily, there were quite a few cafes, and one serving some nicely made Toby’s Estate coffee. And then the drive continued, finally arriving in Hervey Bay at about 11:45. Very nice drive.¬†Christmas Eve arvo and evening was just a bit of unpacking, saying hi to Hervey Bay and its beach across the road from our appartment, and a little napping too.

Then Christmas Day was up and off to visit Hervey Bay Baptist in the morning, before coming home, having some presents, and then heading out to lunch with everyone (Mum & Dad, Jenny & Ryan, and my grandparents). After a very big lunch, a nap was definitely in order… and I think I was still incredibly tired from the driving. So I slept for two hours. And then it was off to Dundowran Beach, where my Aunt & Uncle live, which is a suburb to the west of the main bits of Hervey Bay. We had dinner there with all the family who are up here for Christmas, and most of the extended family who live here in Qld. It was a nice evening seeing cousins who I haven’t seen in many months and catching up with them.

And now it’s boxing day… and the morning was spent with a visit to a coffee shop down the road, and the rest of the time has basically been on the couch watching the boxing day test, and playing card games with people. Just what I needed… and it’s helping me to slowly get over the tiredness that has been plaguing me for the last few weeks.


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