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Look at that, I’m writing something again.

I think I’m becoming a political nerd. Is that a sign of old age? I’d like to think it’s just a sign of being wise and educated.

I followed the leadership #spill very closely on Wednesday/Thursday last week. (Look at that, I’ve become so entrenched in twitter that everytime I write ‘spill’, I have to preface it with a hash.) I’ll admit that I followed it most closely on Twitter, and that’s where I saw it begin to break. But I stayed up on Wednesday night to watch the late news as TV stations began to air the rumours as quickly as they surfaced on Twitter. And I went to bed on Wednesday night with the feeling that Thursday would be a pretty big day in Australia’s history.

(It’s interesting – I love twitter a lot, but I felt a little frustrated when most of TV’s breaking news bits were just things that had surfaced on Twitter. I kinda felt like, ‘yeah, I know all that, I can get all that news… I was hoping you’d have something more for me…’ But I guess that’s the habit that twitter is breeding – instant information and news.)

Our office has a 40-something cm TV hanging from the ceiling. And on Thursday, it came in handy. I got into the office around 8am, turned the TV onto channel 9 (originally ABC, but the majority wanted channel nine), and on it stayed until everyone got bored with Question Time at 2pm, and it went off. Not a whole lot of work got done on Thursday morning. And it was especially cool to see almost everyone in our office stop (and not a single phone rang either) and watch while KRudd gave his goodbye speech.

I’ll reserve my opinion about the leadership change and Julia. Not because I don’t want to share it… it’s just that I don’t think I can write it down in a succinct way here. But most people that know me know that I am a Labour man, and I did love KRudd.

And my second moment of political nerdiness comes from being very excited about this movie hitting channel 10 next month…

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    Rumour has it that there will be an election probably Aug 7 or Aug 14, which in theory would “legitamise” Ms Gillard’s position as PM, assuming of course that the Labour Party were to retain power.

    If it was deposed then Gillard would look pretty silly, and I wonder just how long she’d last as leader of the Opposition.


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