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I only got up super early to listen to a keynote live once – that was the announcement of the iPhone 3G. Brilliant. The rest, I’ve just read about in the morning.

The WWDC keynote a few days ago turned out to be quite awesome – new iPhone, iPhone 3.0 software update, new MacBook Pros, Safari 4 out of beta, and Snow Leopard announced. I may be totally wrong, but I reckon that’s one of the biggest keynote presentations ever. I wouldn’t call myself an Apple blogger… but being a lover of all things Apple, I thought I might share some thoughts on the exciting things…

iPhone 3G S
I’m not overly excited about it. Yeah, it’s got a better camera, and yeah it’s got 7.2Mbps download speed. But it still has 384kbps upload speed (will HSUPA [1.9Mbps upload] arrive next release?). The processor is supposedly better, but I’m not all that fussed by the current one. I might just hang out another 12 months – the odds are in my favour that there’ll be another new iPhone around June/July 2010, and my contract would be up then!

iPhone 3.0 software
This one is awesome. Been looking forward to it since details were leaked a few months ago. Tethering is cool; but for me, it’s only cool because it’s so very easy on a Mac. Copy Paste is the greatest! Landscape keyboard is awesome – but I think we’ve all gotten used to living without it. And the MobileMe “Find My iPhone” and remote wipe are very cool as well (there’s a good demo of it here). And free too. Huzzah!

New MacBook Pros
Always happens – you buy a new Mac, and a better one is just around the corner. That doesn’t bother me so much (although the better battery does a little), because it is always bound to happen with Apple. What’s annoying is that in the US they’re cheaper. So by the time they get here, they may be cheaper as well! Oh well.

Safari 4 non-beta
Pretty happy about this – the cosmetic changes are cool. And it just is so, so fast. And hopefully all the little bugs (like the one where you can’t pin all the windows of the “Top Sites” section) are now gone.

Snow Leopard announced
This one definitely rivals the 3.0 iPhone software as my favourite bit! And only $US29 to upgrade makes it even sweeter. Apple published a cool list of features on their site. Some of my most looked forward to: faster wake up and shutdown times, Quicktime X, improvements (and Exchange support built in is brilliant to kick Microsoft a bit harder), and the fact that it takes up 6GB less of space is cool too.

I am liking that Apple is taking bigger steps to becoming better. It’s sad that they have to be so hugely far ahead of all their competitors as far as technology goes to even be noticed… and even then, people don’t think they’re any good.

And they just seem to do these things so easily, and churn out even better products every year. Love it.

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